“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” ― Banksy

Natalie Doud is an Artist.

  • the big bang

    The Big Bang

    Wait for it...

    Acrylic and pigment on canvas 4ft x 4ft

  • Rati Devi

    Rati Devi

    Rati Devi is the Hindu goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure. Rati is the female counterpart, the chief consort and the assistant of Kama(Kamadeva), the god of love.

    Acrylic on canvas 3ftx4ft

  • Kama Deva

    Kama Deva

    This painting is inspired by the Hindu God Kama Deva, the Hindu god of human love or desire. Kama Deva is the male consort of Rati Devi, a painting I made the year previous. This painting became a 6 month obsession wherein I became possessed by a spirit who compelled me to continue.

    Acrylic on canvas 38x40in

  • the girl with the pearl earring

    The Girl with the Pearl Earring

    Born of the prompt to "paint the most explicit thing you can think of"

    Acrylic and pearl earring on canvas

  • impressions


    Acrylic on canvas

  • guilty pleasure

    Guilty Pleasure

    Acrylic and ink on canvas

  • Auto Reassembly

    Auto Reassembly

    12"x12" watercolor