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Natalie at OM Culture Wallingford
Thursdays 6:30-7:45
Conscious Connection: Aerial Movement with Natalie

Conscious Connection: Aerial Movement with Natalie

Use your body to explore your sixth sense in the third dimension with Natalie Doud. In this hour, you will have the opportunity to play and learn to navigate your body in 3D space using aerial silks and hammocks. In an all-ages “supervised play” format, aerialist Natalie Doud offers her many years of experience to draw from as you solve aerial challenges. Come to play and practice the circus art of your choosing.

Monday and Wednesday 2:30-5:30
OM Culture Circus Arts Kids

Circus Arts After School Program

Circus Arts give kids an opportunity to build confidence, physical strength, and problem solving skills. In this “supervised play” format, kids get a chance to learn from experienced acrobats as they solve aerial challenges and learn to navigate their bodies in 3D space at their own pace. Bring tight fitting clothes you can go upside down in and don't forget to bring a "can do" attitude!

Natalie at EQ Fitness in West Seattle
Saturdays 11:00am-11:55am

Learn to fly in hammock silks with Natalie Doud. This class will cover the basics of aerial yoga and introduce more advanced looped silks moves. Be sure to wear:
Leggings that cover the under-knee and a tight shirt that you don't mind being upside-down in.

I teach Aerial silks at EQ Fitness in West Seattle. Come learn what you are capable of!

Natalie Doud is an Acrobat.

After learning lyra and aerial silks, I invented a modified silks apparatus called the "Trinidad" to allow for acrobatics despite the short ceiling in my home. I have since taken this show on the road, swapping out the silks array for steel chains and dropping jaws most recently with performances at Summer Set Music Festival and The Fine Line.

I had such an amazing last performance at the Rabbit Hole last night. Thank you to all who came out :)

Posted by Natalie Doud on Sunday, May 10, 2015


Natalie Doud is a Ninja!

Natalie has been accepted to compete in the 2015 season of American Ninja Warrior. Watch her video submission:

Natalie Doud is a performer

Natalie Doud and Elissa Butler performing a stellar duo silks routine at the 321 Blastoff Party to Adele's Skyfall!

Posted by Alex Doud on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Natalie Doud is a Teacher

I teach Aerial Innovation with silks, lyra, trinidad, tripole and more!

  • Lyra

    This steel hoop is easy to learn and fun to play on.

  • Silks

    The classic aerial acrobat's toy, the silks are fun and engaging.

  • Trinidad Silks

    The Trinidad is a dynamic hammock hung from a tripod. Natalie has pioneered this method for over a year and students can learn how to move in this 3D playpen! The trinidad is truly a full body workout.

  • Trinidad Chains

    For more daring students, the Trinidad can be practiced with chains in place of tissu. Contact for info regarding performance or classes in chains.