Today, let us do: What yesterday believed impossible, and tomorrow deems trivial.

Natalie Doud is an Acrobat.

I had such an amazing last performance at the Rabbit Hole last night. Thank you to all who came out :)

Posted by Natalie Doud on Sunday, May 10, 2015


Natalie Doud is a Ninja!

Natalie has been accepted to compete in the 2015 season of American Ninja Warrior. Watch her video submission:

Natalie Doud is a performer

Natalie Doud and Elissa Butler performing a stellar duo silks routine at the 321 Blastoff Party to Adele's Skyfall!

Posted by Alex Doud on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Natalie Doud is a Teacher

I teach Aerial Innovation with silks, lyra, trinidad, tripole and more!

  • Lyra

    This steel hoop is easy to learn and fun to play on.

  • Silks

    The classic aerial acrobat's toy, the silks are fun and engaging.

  • Trinidad Silks

    The Trinidad is a dynamic hammock hung from a tripod. Natalie has pioneered this method for over a year and students can learn how to move in this 3D playpen! The trinidad is truly a full body workout.

  • Trinidad Chains

    For more daring students, the Trinidad can be practiced with chains in place of tissu. Contact for info regarding performance or classes in chains.